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Reflexology Training Course

Reflexology Training Course

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Reflexology Training Course

Reflexology Training Course in London

PRICE £294.00 

Become a professional reflexologist at All About You Training Academy with our reflexology training courses in London. Learn the art of reflexology, a gentle and non-invasive therapeutic procedure that helps the body heal and balance itself. Using a calculated, yet gentle touch, you can target certain points on the hands and feet, known as reflexes. Reflexes mirror other parts of the body. By targeting these areas, you can soothe pain and stiffness, while encouraging your client to relax and rid their mind of stress.   Reflexology is a holistic healing method, and you can learn all of it here at All About You Training Academy. We offer a complete foot reflexology training course starting at £294.00.   In just one day of practical learning plus online training, you can learn about reflexology and how you can apply it in practical situations. This training course is ideal for those who want to open a reflexology spa, a massage spa, or simply want to learn how to do it at home.

Convenient Courses Online

Our reflexology courses are taught by professional, experienced reflexologists. Our course gives you the foundations of reflexology and includes a wealth of information learned from years of experience as reflexology practitioners. All course materials are conveniently located online so that you can access it at a time that you so choose.

Flexible Schedule

All About You Training Academy gives prospective reflexologists the freedom that they need to learn at their own pace. Our online lessons are very flexible and follow your chosen schedule. You can take the course whenever you wish, whether on the weekends or after you come home from work or school.

Practical Training Sessions

Our course features practical training sessions by an accredited reflexology school. At All About You, you can gain first-hand experience in the various reflexology techniques. It gives you all that you need to succeed and establish a professional practice. It gives you the skills needed to help your family, friends and clients with your knowledge in reflexology. Become a more sensitive, conscientious practitioner with us.
ull Tutorial Support Have any questions? Are certain parts of the course unclear to you? All About You Training Academy offers full tutorial support. Simply contact us, and we will be happy to help you in every way that we can. Take our reflexology course today and learn the fundamentals of this holistic therapeutic art.  



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Course Durations: 1 Day