Personal cleanliness and hygiene

When working as a therapist Personal cleanliness and therapist hygiene is imperative with clothing, shoes, deodorant, fresh breath and fingernails all on show.

  • Uniform or dress code should be adhered to reflect a professional  image
  • Make-up should ideally be applied before and during work, if necessary
  • Hair should be clean and tied back. 
  • Clothes with colour stains should be replaced or bleached
  • Shoes clean and polished
  • Ideally, trainers that would normally be used in the gym or for running should not be worn
  • Hands and nails clean not bitten and if using nail polish it should not be chipped

It is imperative that excellent hygiene and good housekeeping within your business is at the forefront of your mind for your  clients,  to ensure that your business continues to run effectively and nobody’s health is put at risk.

Avoiding cross-contamination of equipment

It is really important that any equipment is thoroughly cleaned between usage, and it is imperative that this procedure is not shortcutted. Tools that come into contact with multiple clients such as tweezers,  nail tools etc should be repeatedly cleaned between usage and be kept in a clean and dry condition when they are not required.We always recommend following the advice on the label of your chosen cleaning solution for any special requirements, though disinfectant and hot water is also effective in keeping tools sterile. Towels and other linen should also be washed regularly as stained, used towels not only look unsightly but could also harbour germs if left lying around damp.

Keeping on top of  therapist hygiene isn’t tasking and is a serious practice to ensure that you comply with the necessary regulations. It also ensures that your business not only looks more appealing but builds trust with your clients as a therapist that pays attention to detail.


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